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Back Again


After a long absence from this space, I am glad to say I am back again - and this time I will try to keep the frequency of my non-appearances to a minimal. My hiatus was more circumstantial than intentional, a lot has happened since I last posted. Let me get you up to speed: 

1. I went through an extended period of crisis in my family life last year: 

- My mom had severe depression from January up to June. 

- My dad was extremely sick from December 2016 up to his eventual passing in September 2017. It was a difficult period with a lot of drama attached to it, but by the grace of God I pulled through. You can hear of how Jesus helped me through this all here. 

2. I have been handed the responsibility of leading SIBKL's Worship team. Depending on who you ask, this is considered a "promotion" or a "punishment." On top of leading NarrowStreet and looking into building a strong culture amongst the church staff - my plate is pretty full (but I am pretty fulfilled!)

3. I found out earlier this year that my wife is pregnant and we are expecting our first child this coming September! It was hard for me to believe at first, and I was only fully convinced of it when I saw the tiny blob from the ultrasound - even after 3 positive results from home pregnancy kits.

I am grateful to God for this miraculous gift, and the only regret I have is that my dad would not be able to meet the little one. He loved children very much, I remember him showing a lot of affection to any child he meets - he would have been thrilled to have a grandchild of his own. 

What a ride it has been with so many ups and downs! But I have learnt much throughout this time. 

If God can take away something you’ve never expect losing, He can replace it with something you’ve never imagined having.

I really did not want to lose my dad, but out of all that I have gained much as well:

  • I realised I am loved and supported by many. The amount of people that showed me support and rallied together when I needed it greatly touched me. Community is key - we can't do life on our own nor should we even try. 
  • I am stronger than I realise. The crisis around me revealed the Christ within me - it was only truly by the grace of God that I could stand up taller and stronger. 
  • I am highly favoured and deeply loved by God. When you have faith in spite of your circumstances and feelings, God not only never fails to come through but He brings about something even GREATER than before. 
  • God has always, is still, and will forever be "Jehovah Jireh": The LORD Our Provider.
  • When you leave everything in the hands of God, you will see God's hand in everything. 
There is purpose in pain, but also pain in purpose. Ultimately, it is the purposes of God that prevails.

I thank God that the promises of tomorrow overshadows the problems of yesterday, and I am expectant for even greater things ahead. 

Whatever good that has happened for me, can happen for you. There is no exclusivity when it comes to blessing - God has more than enough to go around! As you read this, I want to encourage you to believe again, trust once more, and to keep the faith going - you will surely see the goodness and mercy of God. (Psalm 23)

More updates to come, keep a lookout here.