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The Way Of The World vs The Way of The Kingdom

This is the way of the world: we look at what others have that we don't, and are either filled with longing which leads to despair or a constant striving to get what we so desperately covet.. Or we develop a condescension based on a assurance that we are somehow better than those who lack the privileges we have.

This is the way of the kingdom: we look at what we have that others don't, and are filled with compassion which compels us to be the a vessel in which God can channel His blessing through us. We look to contribute to the needs of others. We understand that whatever that we have is a blessing and not a privilege, and we are simply stewards.

People of the world will always ask: "How can I be blessed? More of me me me me me."

People of the kingdom on the other hand: "How can I be a blessing? Less of me me me me and more of YOU."

The only time we ought to look down at someone is right before we reach to pick them up.