Hearing God's Voice - Pr Jonathan Ngan // 4 November 2018

We all have the ability to hear God’s voice - it is a trait of one who is in relationship with Him - there is no mystery or magical step needed. Listen to learn on how to hear from Him directly.

Understanding Seasons - Pr Jonathan Ngan // 4 November 2018

We all go through different seasons in life - what is the point and what is God’s purpose for us in it?

Self-Denial & Cross-Bearing vs Self-Bearing & Cross-Denying - Pr Jonathan Ngan // 20 January 2019

“There are many Church goes, but few Christ followers.”

The Principle Of Praise - Pr Jonathan Ngan // 21 January 2018

"When we enter God's presence with praise, He invades our circumstances with power!"

Praise is not a feeling, a fad or only for the fanatical. Listen to this message and hear about the significance of praising God both in church and in our personal lives. 

Worship That Is Worth It - Pr Jonathan Ngan // 21 January 2018

"Worship without sacrifice is WORTHLESS." 

A message on the sort of worship that is worth the kind of God we have. 

Jesus Wept - Pr Jonathan Ngan // 24 September 2017

A message that I spoke in the wake of my dad's sudden descent into severe illness, coma and eventual death. The verse in John 11:35: "Jesus Wept." may be the shortest verse in the bible, but it is loaded with much truth on the love and nature of God. If you are grieving a lost (just as I was), this message is for you. 

The Devil In The Details - Pr Jonathan Ngan // 12 February 2017

What is the Kingdom of God? Does the devil still have power? Can Christians actually be possessed? If Jesus has won it all why is there still sickness and death? 

Watch this insightful message by Pr. Jon as he tackles these issues from scripture. 

The Clay Has No Say - Pr Jonathan Ngan // 9 July 2017

Part of SIBKL's Romans series, Pr. Jon unpackages Romans 9 and deals with the issue of God's sovereignty vs Human Responsibility (Free will). 

The Secret Is In The Seed, But Success Is In The Soil - Pr Jonathan Ngan

If I could only ever preach ONE message, this would be the message I will preach. To understand this principle is to understand how God and His kingdom operates. Make sure you listen to this! 

Where Are You Going - Pr Jonathan Ngan

Many times we want to draw close to God but yet we seem to achieve the opposite - we end up feeling far away from Him! This message will shed some light on WHY this happens and H.O.W we can stay connected to God. 

The Waiting Room: Living in the Space Called Almost - Pr Jonathan Ngan

What do you do when you feel like you are waiting - be it for answered prayer, for a promise to be fulfilled, for family to be saved, for a door to be opened, for a season to past - how do we process the waiting on God? Why do we have to wait? 

Ordinary Ain't Gonna Be My Story - Pr Jonathan Ngan

We are called to live a life of extraordinary purpose - but what does it mean biblically? Check this out.